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Norland: Recognized worldwide leader for bottled water equipment and service

Norland�s bottled water equipment is used in successful businesses around the world�in fact, our products served our customers on six continents.

Founded in 1993, Norland created a niche for itself in the bottled water industry by designing and manufacturing quality, efficient equipment for the small to medium-sized bottled water companies. Prior to Norland�s entry into the market, virtually all bottled water equipment was designed for use by large companies serving large metropolitan areas. Norland was the first to recognize the need in this market and set out to develop equipment that was sized and priced right for the smaller operations.

Norland is also known industry-wide for its commitment to after-sale service and support. We want our equipment to operate for you the way it was designed to do. We also provide up-front business consultation, as well as plant design and layout.

Today, Norland provides complete water-bottling production lines for both large bottles (3-5 gallons) and small bottles (8 oz to 1 liter); distillers; water pretreatment systems; cost-effective small bottle blow molders that can produce both PET (petroleum-derived plastics) and PLA (corn-derived plastics); and efficient packaging equipment \

We even operate our own water-bottling operation, so we know what works and what doesn�t. Our specialty is customer service. Our business philosophy is: when you succeed, we succeed.

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